Help - My LongMill just plunges in too deep

OK, I need some help. I am new here but not new to computers.

I just got my LongMill set up and did a successful test cut of the test sheep file. I was also able to successfully fun a job created in Easel. However I am on a Mac and love the features in Carbide Create. So here is the problem:

I create a job, Set the material size and thickness and I have set the thickness zero height to “Top”. I save the toolpaths and then extract the gcode using the new “extract gcode” webpage and then upload that to my laptop connected to the LongMill. I then zero the tool using the Auto Zero Touch Plate. The tool performs the check and moves it to the lower right corner of the workpiece. When I run the job, the LongMill plunges deep into the workpiece and starts to move. I am sure this is a setting some place but I am at a loss. Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Lou S

Check your offset on the material, I had the same problem today. It was starting the job at the bottom of the piece, aka the spoil board.
This is an example in Carveco

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