Help with company logo in Easel

Hey guys, I have been trying to import both in jpeg and png into Easel for my company logo and pieces of it are not rendering at all.

Anyone have any experience with this. Even when I try to make it a vector using Inkscape I get the same problem. Helllppp

@Chyren Gary: I was able to create a dxf in VCarvePro, but I’m not sure if it will be good enough. It’s all there, though. That will depend somewhat on how big you are planning to cut it. Do you know what the font is? If so, it may be better simply to re-create the text, keeping the graphics.

Hi, What size will the logo be & what bits were you planning on using?
Was the company name going to be raised or all carved in? Looking at it I would split the carve into two or three files to accommodate different bit types/sizes. As mentioned prior, reconstructing the fonts would make it easier. Let me know the above & will give it a try tomorrow. Are you using Easel or Easel Pro (so I know which font sets to look at)?

I am learning the software while we wait for our longmill. We are new to this and so excited. The font is Burford Base. Any help would be awesome. Haven’t thought of logo size. 12x12

@Chyren Gary: From my brief searching, that font is not free. The creator is still charging for it. I don’t have it. Russ may be able to help you out with it.

He is likely better equipped to continue with this, as he uses Easel. I don’t, so I would be limited to creating the vectors for you. I suspect that Russ can create the tool paths.

I played with the graphics last night, just for giggles, and managed to clean them up some. If Russ needs any input, I’ll be around.

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I am able to provide the font if needed.


Gary: I’ve sent you a private message

@Rusty_golfer Russ: I redid the logo this morning, using the font that Gary sent me. As you and I agreed, that was much easier than trying to clean up the graphic. The result is much better, too. I ended up redrawing everything as that was much easier than trying to clean it up. I’ve sent Gary a dxf, but I can’t do toolpaths for him as I don’t use Easel. As you already mentioned, much of how this is going to look and work out depends on how he wants to mill it and what bit he has to do that. I’ve told Gary that.

I expect that he will need more help from you with Easel. I’m sure that you’ll be able to use the dxf.

Grant, thanks for that, I had just started working on it. Was about to take into Inkscape & clean it up & remove the fonts. Saved me a bit of work. :grin: Now I have to go & give the RV a bath…
Gary, if you have any questions regarding I or some of the other Easel users will be glad to help.
The dxf file can be imported directly into Easel as long as it’s less than 5mb.

Wow is all I can say guys! Thank you so very much!

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@Rusty_golfer Russ: Sorry about that. I should have coordinated with you. Next time. I’m attaching the dxf file here so that you have exactly what I sent to Gary.
mclaughlin.dxf (557.9 KB)

I’ve had a chance to load the dxf file & have found cleanest carve is with a 1/16" bit. Had to also “clean” up the “Canadian Made Family Owned” font as it doesn’t carve clean due to some non-carve areas within certain letters (font too small). Removing those bits made it look better. Also a bit of an issue with the Maple leaf inner cut. I’ve tweaked a bit but you may want to just delete the center star. Another option would be to redo the file & close off the Maple Leaf or delete it & use the maple leaf found in the Easel’s icon section.
If you want to use engraving bits (30/60/90’) or larger end mills then either make the project bigger or break down the logo into separate folders so you can adjust for different bit types & sizes. It gets a bit tricky keeping things aligned but I use the first folder as Master with everything on it & then copy & paste each different section (ie: small fonts in one, lg in another, maple leaf in a third). Pasting it in a new folder will put it in same position as it was in original. You then set the bit types, cut depths etc & print out a g-code file for each folder (I don’t use Easel to cut, use UGS - my preference & can do offline).
I’ve pm’d you a link to the Easel project for you to look at.

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