Hollow body Telecaster guitar body

And now the Mohogany and Maple Hollow body Telecaster straight off my CNC .
Only had my longmill for about 2 months so this job is confidence inspiring
banding and finish work still to be done then make the neck but very happy with the results so far
This again in a very complex job.
2 sided but machining 3 actual surfaces.
14 different runs/ operations and 6 manual tool changes and rezeroing.
If anything is off on machine calibration or in rezeroing or flipping and locating material the body is most likely scrap


@CSharp66 It’s good to see that you are easing into it, Jim. :grinning: :grinning:

Well done!

and to think 8 months ago I had never used a CNC.
Bought a Chinese 6040 to learn on and see if this was something I wanted to pursue. Liked it then started looking to upgrade in capability and size.
So far very happy with my longmill
Just need to add the Superlongmill board, a vortex and a good spindle…
OH and win the lottery to buy those upgrades, a Altmill and wood, lots of wood


Very cool! I made a similar tele about a year back.
Made of black walnut and curly maple top.

I love a hollow body Tele! Never made one a CNC (still getting my bearings) but I’ve built a couple the old fashioned way over the years.