Homing/Limit Switches

Hi…in my case While homing my X hub, the X- - limit switch triggers prior to homing finishes, tossing a stop condition.

I have perused (again and again) that this is normally brought about by switch ricochet when the sensor triggers. The homing capacity winds down the breaking point switch while the bed is crawling toward the sensor, then, at that point the switch closes when contact is made, and before it can ease off the bob triggers the cutoff switch. As indicated above, I have done all that I can consider to dispose of conceivable electrical obstruction with the switch. I have additionally had a go at turning down and up the speed increase and speed boundaries (to the limit) with no adjustment of conduct.

My gut advises me now that I have a Mach3 setting some place that is causing this?

@BriggTrim - I think you may be in the wrong forum. The LongMill will not run with Mach3. It is a GRBL based machine. However, there may be someone familiar with Mach3 on this forum. Good luck.

I was wanting to setup homing switches just to have a repeatable home position.
However, I’ve found this to work for that purpose without any modifications; just have a fixed point to probe X/Y.
Since I use a corner jig for virtually all of my work, I just made a square block to set the touch plate and prove X/Y. Then go to zero for X/Y, set the jog rate for half the radius of the bit, Jog X/Y and set zero (If the probe function asked for the bit you’re using, the last part wouldn’t be necessary). Of course it’s best to use an End Mill since a tapered bit would require some serious math calculations.

Now, I do want to install an upper limit switch on the Z axis. I’ve had a few occasions where after setting 0 for Z, I’ve raised it up to install the dust shoe and didn’t notice I had hit the limit. The only down side on the Longmill of hitting the limit is that it screws up your 0 settings.