How can I use this bit

When I first got the longmill I started buying bits that I really had no understanding of its usage. One of these bits is a Carving Liner 11-Degree with 5/8-Inch Cutting Length. I have yet to use it except for pricking my hand when looking at it.

Whiteside Router Bits SC50 Carving Liner 11-Degree by 5/8-Inch Cutting Length - Straight Router Bits -

I get it is somewhat of a V bit but what is a situation where I should use it? Any pics of projects where this bit was used?

For example carving text/texture into wood, e.g. few days ago I made this test carve and tried different colors:

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That is an extreme v-bit. Didn’t know Whiteside had an 11, I need to get one of those, my most extreme is only 15.
They are great for tiny detailed carving, like a 40 foot tree outline reduced to a 6" chunk of wood (make sure you set a flat depth or you will break some stuff) or for deep v-carve inlays. So perfect for v-carving in great detail and perfect for deep v-carve inlays. AND ALWAYS SET A FLAT DEPTH OR YOU WILL BREAK STUFF! Also, use a clearance bit or it will take forever.

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Garrett over at IDC woodcraft has a great selection of various high quality carving bits.

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