How difficult is it to use a different brand 4th axis?

I got my hands on a SHARK CNC 4TH AXIS. I’m going to plug it in and see what happens, but I didn’t know if anyone had any experience and knew if I’d have to mess with settings. I have not idea if the gear ratios are the same.

Something like this? What kind of setup do you have? LongMill? What software do you use? gSender? VCarve?

I don’t have any experience with a 4th axis, other than wishing for one, but I think we need to know those things to get started.

@jta0033 While the NextWave site is not the best for navigation, there are manuals there for their models of rotary axes. That may be a good place to start for specs. You will also need CAD/CAM software, such as those from Vectric, that can produce rotary projects.