How to connect a DIY CNC milling M/c using an Arduino Control Board

I’ve just made a mini CNC milling Machine and I am controlling it through an Arduino UNO control board and expansion board & drivers. The problem is when I try to send a Gcode file to it I get some reaction from the 3 axis stepper motors but then nothing. In the Gcode file (using GRBL post processor) i notice that the firmware has the option of Flashing the Eprom to a default setting should I be Flashing this default value to my Arduino. If not can anybody tell me how or where to look for something to get me started.
My design Gcode file has been checked and found to have no faults and I was wondering if certain things need changing e.g baud rate settings and how or where to look to do that.
Many thanks in anticipation
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@Seedypea Welcome to the group, Chris. I’m sure that you will find this a friendly place.

When you mention the function to set the eeprom to default settings, are you referring to the function in gSender? If so, you should keep in mind that those defaults are the ones set by Sienci for the Long Mill controller. I don’t believe that there is any guarantee that they will work with your controller. Others here may be of more help, though.

You should be able to Export/Save (or just write down) your existing GRBL settings by entering $$ in the console window in whatever gcode control software you’re using. Apologies if too basic, but some how to set up guides below. As long as you’ve saved your original settings shouldn’t be any harm resetting to defaults and trying other configs.

Depending on your settings, you may have soft or hard limits enabled and GRBL is doing a “safety lock” requiring reset.

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