How to create angled surfaces

Does anyone know how to do this without creating a 3d model and using a 3d machining tool path?

I would like to take a piece of stock and mill a grove (X width) in a circle where the surface is angled down from the inside edge to the outer edge of the circle all the way around. I would like to do this on other pocket or area clearance cuts too. Surfacing a smooth decline from end to end on a slab.

Did that make sense?

For a straight angled surface, would putting the workpiece on an angled jig/base and running a surfacing tool path work? IDK- Thinking while typing now-


Not sure exactly what you’re trying to do with the circle though…

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If you’re using VCarve it sounds like a job for the chamfer or moulding toolpaths, if I understand what you are trying to do correctly.

Edit: I think I misread what you are trying to do, I thought you want a circle with sloping edges but after re-reading I think you want a circle groove on an angled piece of wood and the only way I know to do that is with a model and project toolpath onto model.

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I drew a quick profile to help with what I was attempting to describe.

The side profile pic is the entire width of the circle I want. The flat part in the middle is the center circle of the top view. I was hoping there might be a faster way than a 3d machining tool path.

I’ve never played with the chamfer/molding tool paths. I’ll check them out

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I don’t have Carveco Maker but if it works like vectric you make a circle and a profile and the moulding toopath sweeps the profile around the circle.

Shows the circle with the profile to be swept on the left.

The resulting part.

Hopefully Carvco Maker is similar or someone familiar with it pops in to help.
Good luck!

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That is it. I will be learning about those tool paths tonight and in the morning.

Thank you

The toolpaths on those would still be 3d.
How big is the whole thing… It might not take as long as you think.
Can you give more details about your end goal?


You are probably right about it not taking as long as I’m thinking.
It is going to be a top of a pet bed/toy/ufo and to learn something new.

Well, I had no luck last night when messing around with the bevel and Raised Round tool path (It’s what I think might be Carveco’s version of the molding tool paths.)

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