How to enter the contests?

How to enter the contests?
I have a couple projects I would like to enter in the inlay contest but can’t seem to find a clear way to do it.
Maybe just post here?

I like the detail I can get with my MK2.

anyway please let me know if this is the right process to enter.


I like the inlay being like line work in the mouse and the banner. I don’t usually think of inlay work like that but you have gotten really nice results IMHO.

As far as entering, I think just posting here is enough, you can check the rules below.

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Thank you Micheal, that means a lot.
I did read the rules but it really doesn’t actually say where to enter. I think just posting here is enough, I guess we’ll find out.


You can post right in the contest announcement thread and they will definitely see it and consider it! Looking great, nice work.

Thank you very much elbarsal.

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Very nice project @MikeH! Functional, useful and beautiful. That is what we all strive for in projects. Well done sir!

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Thank you, Jake. I like doing this type of inlay. It can be challenging because of the line work, but with sharp bits and a bit of line manipulation it works. If the inlay is too fine it will blow out.

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