How to ground the MK2

I see a need to ground the unit with dust collection. What is the best way to accomplish this???

Hello @Ronny, welcome to the group! I have a MK1 LongMill but I never grounded it. I looked in the LongMill MK2 resources to see if I could find any advice from Sienci on grounding the MK2 but I only found this one quote that had to do with grounding.

IMPORTANT: EMI does not cause the LongMill to lose position or move erratically. It is a very common misconception that grounding your machine will help prevent missed steps, stalling, or positioning issues. EMI only causes CNC machines stop completely or disconnect from the computer. If your machine is not moving the way you think it should, it is a mechanical issue or an issue in your gcode. If you are experiencing these issues, please start with double checking the mechanics of your machine.

I thought I should post that in case your expecting grounding to fix something it won’t. If I did have/want to ground my machine I would probably use a self drilling screw to attach a wire to the LongMill frame and ground it to the house electrical system but that’s just how I would do it and I’m not an electrician by any stretch of the imagination.

Good luck and welcome again to the forum Ronny.

EDIT: Searching this forum for ‘grounding’ led me to this post that may be helpful.

@Ronny Take a look here

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