How to safely receive a delivery

My mill arrived today. Thank you everyone who made it possible.
Like most people these days, I want to avoid contact with others as much as possible. To this end, I left my pickup at the end of the driveway with a sign for UPS asking them to put the box in my truck. They did that and now I will wait until tomorrow to open it so any residual virus can disappear - just trying to be careful.


That’s a good idea @Stevsmit, better to err on the side of caution

I want to know if you were able to wait until the next day before you went and got it? Don’t they say the virus can last up to three days on cardboard? One thing I’m not is patient. So I will possibly wear some rubber gloves and discard the boxes as quickly as possible. Then wash up, because I don’t want to get my new CNC dirt, and then commence the build. Hoping to not take as long as @chrismakesstuff did in the videos. But thanks for those videos, then did two things for me.

Gave me something to do while waiting for mine to show up and help give me pointers for when mine does show up later today. Oh I’m excited to start messing with it.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy and is in good spirits. I like to make light of things, but hope this makes us all appreciate what we have and each other a lot more!!


24 hour airing out patiently in the garage.

I’ve waited 29 hours now and will wait until at least tomorrow and possibly later. Of course, it helps to have a diversion. I’m currently making maple syrup in my new sugar house.
Good luck with the wait everyone. It will be worth it.


…mmmm syrup…oh yeah!

Science says the type of surface impacts the longevity of the virus. For example, it tends to live longer on cardboard than stainless steel. Erring on the side of caution is in everyone’s best interest. Let’s all be careful.

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You know what guys im done here. Happy machining.

Ugh… I have an entire process during this mess for anything foreign coming into our home or vehicles. I clean every surface (no matter if its paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.) with Clorox or Lysol wipes or spray. It may smear ink, but oh well!
Then place them in a specific area.
Then I go back and sanitize every surface from mail box to my current cleaning station that I or the packages touched.
then wash my hands…
Now its time to open, then depending on whats inside it may get wiped as well. So if its a packaged item that was packaged long before all of this started, I don’t spend to much time on it, if it is something just packaged I wipe it as well. Now its clean…
Now we clean the opening utensils and the previous opening location and everything touched during that process.
Wash hands again!

We touch absolutely nothing without a lysol wipe on hand, especially money or if my debit card has to be swiped it gets cleaned as well. Call me obsessive compulsive, I’m OK with that…

Luckily I had a decent stock of lysol and clorox wipes before this ever started as it was cold and flu season. when all of this started, because I already had the wipes and spray in stock, I left those alone in the stores for others to purchase and bought items to make my own disinfectant wipes if it came to that.
For me that is “shop towels” (blue heavy duty paper towels sold at auto parts stores or WM) and a gallon of bleach to make the solution for them in an old clorox wipes container.
I also had %91 isopropyl alcohol in case we need to make our own hand sanitizer.

Maybe this helps someone… Its my understanding that this virus lives on most surfaces upto 3 days, so I don’t think 24hrs would do the trick…

We have not gone overboard, if we need something we go get it. If we can stock it we do. We have been trying to actually eat take out and shop locally as much as possible to support our local small businesses as well.
We will get through this, but consider how you can help others get through it as well.

NEVER forget that small businesses are the backbone of every community!!!
This is also part of the reason I bought my CNC machine from a small business…

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