I am new to CNC, here are my first projects


@Rocky1 - Nice work David. Not bad at all for first projects.

@Rocky1 You don’t mess around on your first post, David. Well done, sir! I especially like the feet in the sandals. That one looks almost real. :grinning:

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They are real I promise.

@Rocky1 VERY nicely done! I am planning on doing a flag or two, but just haven’t had the time to get them done. Are they done with a single piece of wood, or did you make your stripes and attach them and carve the stars?

Either way, excellent work!

I used a single piece of 3/4 MDF the stripes are cut about 1/8 deep.

Sorry the strips with the coins are separate pieces that I cut to fit inside the strip and cut a groove for the coins to fit into