I cant go direct into areas of forum and post threads

I am restricted in community and in the feed back from posting new topics . What is going on guys? Is the forum screwed up or something?

@GregsReinventions Greg: Nothing has changed as far as I know. When you say that you are restricted, where are you trying to post that blocks you? You’ve been posting for a long time, so clearly, something has changed. I’m just not sure at this point what that could be. We will get it worked out though.

Morning @GregsReinventions,

I don’t see anything restricting you on our side. I have done some updates recently, but they shouldn’t affect your posting ability. As Grant mentioned, can you provide a bit more detail on what is happening?


One sec I will try to do a screen shot of something

Ok when I came into this sub forum area the post new topic is grayed out. I cant click on it at all. I hover over it and it says I am not allowed to create new topics. Update when I hover over the exclamation mark beside it that says I am not allowed. That is the same with all the forums.

@GregsReinventions That helped, Greg. No one can post in the Community Feedback top level. Choose a sub-category and you will be able to create a new topic.

@StephenCampbell FYI

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I cant post anything any where all the forums say that

How’d you post this thread?

I had to go into the categories up in the header and do it this forum is the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with. Never had been on one that you could not post in the main category ever and I have been an admin on a few in the past. You guys need to loosen the reigns on this forum a bit its getting crazy in here.

If your going to make such a huge change then you should be making an announcement to the ones that rely on it no? Its so hard to get info here or even try and ask a question now because everything is so locked down its crazy.

Maybe get that screenshot.

Im not even sure how.

@GregsReinventions There is no need to post a screenshot. I’ve explained why you cannot post to the title category.

Did that just change? Im just wondering because I was told to go ahead and post things not of CNC based topics in the community area now I cant. There are only topics in there about CNC. So I previously did. Why was it locked down? This was because of not having an off topic area and that was the solution I was given! Now that is out the window.

@GregsReinventions No, Greg, that did not just change. It has always been that way.

When you asked for an off topic category, I replied : “Pls feel free to post off topic threads in the Community Discussion/Community category.” You can do that. Nothing is “locked down”. The solution that you were given is not “out the window”.

If you open the Community Discussion top level category, you will see that there are seven sub-categories. One of those sub-categories is the “Community” sub-category - the one that I suggested that you use. There, you will see topics that have nothing to do with CNC. For example, there is a topic on using computer KVM switches, there is a topic wishing members a Merry Christmas, there is a topic on Instagram handles, a topic on a member’s dog, and a topic on the Eclipse. The list goes on, but I’m sure that you can see that there are not “only topics in there about CNC”.

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As the initial issue has been resolved, I am closing this topic.