I made a bit storage plate

Today I decided to make a storage plate for my cutting bits, I used the dimensions of the packages they came in from IDC Woodcraft. I think it came out pretty good.


Looks good, but be prepared to make another one, as the bits tend to multiply. :grinning:


They only do if put in the same drawer! :joy::joy:


I am sure at some point I will be buying more bits, if I stick with the same brand it will be easy to add to this one. I cut the hole for the bit case slightly under, all I have to do is grab the cap and just the bit and cap are in my hand.


Genius with the upside down bit cases, just genius​:ok_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:
Thanks for sharing

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Thank you, much appreciated!

Why are you leaving them in the plastic boxes they came in? I drilled holes slightly larger then the size of the mill shanks and stand them upright. That way I can at them qickly and easily.

No boxes; no fuss.

I also drilled holes and now regret it. The boxes come with lots of details for setup. I also find that sometimes after a job I wonder what hole each bit I used should go into, particularly if I have multiple similar bits in the same hole. No this is a better way - well done.


I did it this way to protect the bits, these are not cheap and I do not want them to get damaged in any way.


Thank you sir, I appreciate it!

That’s the nice thing about woodworking, isn’t it? We all have our ways of doing things, and in my case I place the storage blocks inside drawers where there’s no possibility of them being damaged. To each their own.

I keep track of what bit goes where by writing beside the hole, which bit it’s for. And once I have used a bit and it’s still good, I simply put it back into the hole it came out of ('cause the writing is there to see…), but with the cutting end down. That way I know which of the many of the same type and size are still unused, and which I should pick up for the next milling task. Easy peesy. Again, though, to each their own, right?

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I am planning to label my holes today although the space will be cramped. I like your idea of keeping the unused bits pointing up and the used down. I will probably do the same but reversed so I can see the bit tips and assess how worn (or burnt). Great tip, thanks

Pierre, that’s an even better orientation for the bits in the holes! Thanks for that as I’ll incorporate it into my CNC milling lexicon!

Looks great! Here’s my simplified version for the ones I plan to use for a cut and as you can see in the picture, I’m working on a bit box when I find the time, which isn’t very often :rofl::joy::rofl:.


I did both in my storage plate so I have spots for various sized containers as well as holes for 1/8" and 1/4" since not all my mills come in their own containers (or came with funky 1 use containers) and for bits I use often.

Expensive bits stay in containers.

Note that I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve scraped and cut my hand while blindly reaching past the storage plate on those upright and free mills :man_facepalming:


Hello! All I know is everyone’s design beats my small cardboard box in a drawer storage. I also like to keep them in their cases. Keeps things straight for me anyhow. Enjoy folks!

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Jake, the most important point is ensuring the bits aren’t merely thrown helter-skelter in a box or drawer where they can become damaged.

Marty from Kingston, ON Canada



After seeing the cool bit storage here, I decided to do something better to accommodate more of my bit options.
Here it is and yes, I made it from a piece of scrap, that’s why it looks so scrappy. LOL!!


I seem to have a problem with bits multiplying Having them in the original boxes makes it easy to find what I’m looking for.