I was asked to provide some of my artistic sandblasting pics

I was asked to provide some of my artistic sandblasting pics, rather than hunt them down I dont know if this is allowed but there is a bunch of pics of what i do on my “info” website - I sell nothing on my site! Its samples of engraved glass, stone, and sign foam along with sublimation pics mostly - i dont visit it too often…lol
. - www.signsfromaboveonline.com . I don’t take many pics anymore since I have been doing this for so long but here are some recent ones…
sign foam -

glass -

stone -

pavers -

bluestone -

that should give you some idea - you can get super silly detailed on glass, marble, granite - but stone detail is limited compared to the others but still great detail can be achieved using the right materials (edit see “pooh bear” sandblasted photo on marble or granite on my website to see detail. Theres alot more pics on website if you go through the categories of what I offer from cabinet glass to photos on granite-all sandblasted.


Thanks for sharing, I hope it’s OK being non-CNC as I’m the one that asked for the post.

I think your work is really nice! It’s a use for sandblasting that I was totally unaware of and I like seeing and learning about things that are new to me.

Thanks again,

@_Michael I’m sure everyone appreciates the inspiration! Personally I know I like to bring in ideas from anywhere - never know what spurs new creativity.

@engraver99 those are all fantastic! I’m going to have to see what they inspire me to make.

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thank you for saying so Michael, I’m Always learning thats why I do what I do

Thank you elbarsal - go make something…lol