Ice Cream bowl - for dieters

I found this concept on a scroll saw site by Steve Good. I didn’t use his .pdf pattern as it was easier to simply draw this in VCP, but the idea was all Steve’s.

This is just painted 1/4" MDF, cut with 1/8" mills. I cut the top 1/16" with a downcut and the bottom 1/16" with an upcut as I hate sanding.

Nothing special. Not a keeper, but a fun, fast project nonetheless.


Looks nice grant! I’m assuming all the different layers were cut individually than glued together? If so did you use wood glue or CA glue?

@HAWWK Yes, the rings are just cut from one piece of MDF, all at one time - quick and easy.

I would use wood glue as the rings are a bit of a pain to get placed and I would need some set time to move them around. I didn’t glue this one, as I’ll just be tossing it.

I see, thanks for the advice! These look like fun to make projects.

@HAWWK If you go to his site, Jeremy, he has tons of other plans that you can download as .pdf files and run in the Mill.

Awesome thank you I will have to check that out for sure!

Thanks for clearing that up hawk, I was thinking “no way that came off a cnc” lol.

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