Improved stl files for inductive sensor mounts

I’m looking for the stl files for the inductive sensor mounts for the original LongMill. I love the fact that the LongMill is open source and you can reprint/modify some of the parts. One of the threaded inserts is coming loose and I would like to see if there is the possibility to modify the mounts to use a captive nut instead of the insert.

If I can get the files and am successful in modifying them I would be happy to post them here.


Not sure if I missed the stl file links in the LongMill resource pages before but they are there now for anyone else that is interested. Onshape link is under “Other Add-ons”.

I have modified the mounts to use an M3 nut instead of the thermal insert. The stock bolts are still used. Below is a picture and a zip file. The zip has the mounts in stl and step formats. (128.2 KB)

I have read numerous complaints about the inserts, hopefully if your inserts are failing you can find a 3D printer near you.

Enjoy and happy milling,