In depth laser project

Ever since I got my Longmill (with laser module), I was curious how I could combine the carving capabilities of the machine with the staggering laser etchings it can create. I’ve learned through various experiments that the focus of the laser has an offset that allows for a fair bit of variation in the hight of the medium it etches.

Yesterday I’ve finaly combined this into a project that uses the special power of the longmill carving and flexible laserunit into a project that feels like next level.
Though I did only use the laser on an off the shelf teak bowl, bought at a dollar shop, it showed me all I need to know to go foreward from here.

Beyond that, it was a gift to my mother, depicting my grandmother whom she misses dearly. Even if my machine would explode tomorow, it has payed itself back already.


@Spamming_Eddie WOW! That is beautiful. Great job.

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Thanks Heward, appreciate the wow.

The machine didn’t explode today so I decided to redo a print I made for an inlaw whom has his 60th birthday comming friday. He has just finnished fixing up a classic merc and I thought a etch would be a nice personal gift.

I could use the practise too, so winwin.

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Really neat gift! Turned out great.