Indicator Light

One of the issues I have is forgetting to turn off the power to the controller (i.e. press the oops switch). I would like to wire an indicator light across that switch. What voltage is going through the switch? I tried checking, but was getting some strange results.

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Are you measuring in AC or DC Volts?

I don’t know for sure but most β€œoops” switch I’ve come across are in the AC supply.

@Mique FWIW, I wired a car tail light LED to the 12v output jack on the LM controller. I have the old controller without the panic button.

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I tried measuring both.

I tried a different multimeter and it measured 60 VAC with the switch off, 0 VAC when on. Hmmm!

If you are measuring ACROSS the switch, then I would expect 0v with the switch ON.