Inductive sensors with laser

I recently added laser and inductive sensors. I had a problem with having the laser mounted on X- side i couldn’t get the sensor out far enough so that i could avoid laserX- crash. My fix was to drill into carriage. Ive already drilled, I quess I’m not asking if it was a good idea, but rather if anyone knows of any pitfalls I should be watching out for.


I do not see any issue with the extra hole the plate is plenty strong, but I would have bent a piece of metal and bolted it onto the z carraige, I think. Situated so it could flag the sensor. Same outcome just different approach. If it works all is good.

MK1? Guessing based on the side mount laser and the lack of a hole for the inductive sensor. The MK2 actually has basically that exact hole so probably not an issue.

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Thank you both for the feedback