Initial run MK2 Issues

So I got everything built and wired up. Went to do the initial jogging and am have 2 issues.

  1. This may be a controller issue, but only one side of the Y-axis moves when jogging forward or back. I swapped the cables on the controller and the opposite side doesn’t move. So obviously both motors work, but perhaps the controller is diffective?

  2. On the X-axis, no matter which way I tell it to move, it will only go to the right. Left control moves it right and right control moves it right. Again, would this be a controller issue?

Fortunately the Z-axis works as it should. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Not that it matters, but nothing is bolted down to the table yet. GSender v. 1.05 being used.

Also noticed there are no lights on the controller box except the red power light. I did however get the X-axis to move correctly. Not sure what I did, but at the time it’s working.

Hopefully someone can chime in for a solution on the Y-axis.

I did ensure all the connectors were plugged in properly, DIP switches were all in the proper seating, and wires were all tight in the connector itself.

30 views and not one suggestion or piece of advice in 24 hours?

@EdwardS I would suggest that, if you haven’t done so already, you open a support ticket with Sienci.

I wish that I had some great advice, but I do not. I suspect that the other 29 people who have viewed this are in the same boat as i am.

It’s tough with these issues as they are a moving target. You started with one problem and now have others.

Speaking only for me, I’m left confused since you can move in the X and Z directions and partly in the Y direction, but you have no lights on the motor controller board. I’ve never seen both of the conditions at the same time.

That said, the techs at Sienic are MUCH more competent than I am to diagnose and solve these problems.

I appreciate it. I have emailed tech and received one suggestion regarding the potentiometers position. But unfinished that did not solve anything.

Regarding the lights, another user said he only has the one red power light, and upon closer inspection that is all the led bulbs i see. I thought there were others near the connectors, but i was mistaken. Just the single red power led light.

Thank you again.