Inlay lidded box

This need several more coats of oil to make it pop, but you get the idea.

The box is yellow birch, 5" in diameter and just short of 2" high. The inside depth in the middle is about 1 1/2" and just short of 1" at the wall. The bottom is a 30° “dish”.

The inlay is walnut.

All comments and criticism are welcome.



What criticism? That looks really nice.

Tks, Heyward. I am a member of several woodworking forums and the general rule is that if you are open to criticism, you say so. Otherwise, the post is simply there for the viewing. I figure that there is always someone out the who can do what I do, only better. If they are willing to pass along criticism and advice, I’m open to all of it.


Very Nice. This is one of the things I am hoping to do once I get my Longmill.

What bits did you use in creating the inlay?


Scott: I used a 1/4" ball nose for roughing and a 60° Vbit for the carving.

Here is a link to the process that I followed:

It’s pretty much foolproof. The biggest obstacle to success for me was sanding too much. With fine lines, the inlay is only about .001 thick, so it can be sanded away very quickly - as I found out the hard way a few times.


Grant, what a nice job. It’s easy to think that it would be hard to make intricate, detailed objects with a machine as big as the LongMill. This shows that with care and planning you can. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Bill. It certainly speaks to the precision of the LongMill.If it couldn’t mirror the female and the inlay versions, this would not be possible.

Wow Grant, that is amazing. And to think a month ago you were running into machine trouble,s now you are making projects like that, fantastic!

Tks much, Mike. It did take a while to get the software and hardware gremlins put to bed, but now that they are, the machine is purring along just fine.
Playing with these inlays is fun. I’ve done some now where I only cut the “female” part, then fill it with coloured epoxy, rather than do an inlay. It opens up an endless variety of colours. I see coaster sets in the Christmas stockings of some of my friends.