Introducing the AutoZero Touchplate

Hey everyone, we’re excited to share our latest product, the AutoZero Touchplate! Our new touch plate is unique and first of its class in its ability to zero almost all types of bits, including V-bits , ballnose, and tapered bits using a unique chamfer design and tight integration with gSender.

Learn all of the details here:


I have ordered my MK2 with the old touch plate, the unit is not scheduled to ship till next month. How do I change my order to get the new autozero touchplate?

@MikeH Write directly to Sienci from their website. You will see the form here:

Thank you, I did and it’s ordered.

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Hi Mike, yep, you can place an order on our website and please note you want the orders combined. We’ll combine the orders and refund you the difference in shipping.

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