IOT relay switch command

I have installed an IOT relay switch and connected it to the Longmill board. I then tested it with the M8 and M9 commands…everything works great.

I have 2 questions and If someone could find me a solution:

  1. can the M8 and M9 commands be inserted somewhere so that they automatically repeat at every job
  2. if option 1 is impossible to do , how to manually insert the M8 at the start of the job in the Gcode. When I type in the command M8 and press return it positions itself at the end of the job. How can I put it at the start of the coding.
    I design in Easel and then transfer the gcode in an nc extension to import it in the GSender

@michou In gSender, in settings, open the start/stop window. I believe you can do what you want there.

I would just love to be able to find a iot relay in stock anywhere!

Just search Amazon for ‘120 vac to 12vdc relay’, you’ll get a long list you can use. They cost about $10.