Is a 20" to 24" Y axis possible

I am considering my first CNC purchase and the LongMill seems like a very solid machine. My workspace would not fit a 30 x 30 LongMill but I find the 13.5" of the 12 x 30 a bit too limiting.

Is it possible to shorten the Y axis to get a cutting area in the range of 20" to 24" without to many changes? Is it as simple a trimming the angle braces and the lead screws and repositioning the 3Dprinted supports in the middle?

Would you be able to trim the X axis instead? That’s effectively the difference between the 12x30 and 30x30.

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I had the same issue in my shop so I went with the 12 x 30 machine. Personally I find that 90% of my jobs will be sign making under a foot wide and less than 30 inches long. For the odd time I need a different oversized area I will make use of tiling which I’m told most good quality programs can do. Here is a picture of my setup to show you the full footprint.

Thank you for your responses. I did a bit more digging on the Open Source guides on the site and it looks like I can just trim the Y rails and lead screws to the required length. With that in mind I can get a Y cutting surface to my 23".

  • The default Y rail length for the 30 x 30 is 1000mm and gives ~33" cutting surface on Y
  • 750mm would give me ~23" cutting surface on Y (perfect size for my application)
  • 725mm would give me ~22" cutting surface on Y
  • 661mm would give me ~20" cutting surface on Y (this would use the existing threaded hole as the new front mount

Looking forward to get my setup :slight_smile:

I finally got the Longmill and got it installed. :smiley:

I had the Y axis rails cut from 1000mm to 825mm and had cut the lead screws to match. That will give me a cutting area of ~26" which is perfect for my available space. Since I don’t have any homing switches there is not even a configuration change to be done in the firmware or in gSender (that I have found to date anyway).

I have completed my CNC table and just need to hold down the spoilboard pieces between the T-tracks. At some point in the future I will add removable panels in the sides and back and doors on the front to limit dust and sound. All in all really happy with the outcome for a beginner to woodworking in general.


@aarseneault Well done, André.

Nice Job André, please keep us posted.