Is this correct?

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I got my machine squared to between .07mm and .17mm. Next comes the break in. I downloaded the gcode from IDC woodcraft and loaded it. Hit run and this is what my machine sounds like. Is this normal? It seems to be running fairly smoothly but does make some noises you can hear from the video. Thank you for any advice and wisdom you may provide!

[Longmill MK2 Break In - YouTube]

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To me and I really don’t know, but it sounds like some of the fittings are too tight. I think it should sound like it does during the 17-19 second timestamp.

Off-topic kind of -
One thing I wished I did at the beginning was catalog all the different sounds with notes that fixed them. After a year now there are a few sounds I recognize and know right away that I need to tighten a certain bolt nut screw or whatever.

For the longest time, I had a buzzing sound and I couldn’t figure it out. Turned out to be a lose bolt and nut on the Y drag chain.

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@Swinly thanks for your time Lonnie. Should I be looking at the backlash nuts? I agree between 17 and 19 seconds would be ideal noise level.

I think you maybe onto something though with your sound library and fixes for said sounds.

Once again thank you sir!

@Jake Check to make sure your anti-backlash adjustment screws are not too tight. Back them off all the way and only tighten if there is play side to side in each gantry. I have also had some success with dry lube on the Lead Screw.

Sometimes the nuts holding the backlash blocks to the gantry can be over tightened too. When I built my MK1, I left those two nuts slightly loose and moved the gantry by turning the lead screw by hand a little back and forth then cinched them down. This helped to align the lead screw in the backlash block and the block to the gantry.


@stevendq Thanks Steve. I have some dry garage door lube floating around I will try some. Additionally, I will loosen the backlash blocks some and try that as well. I appreciate you putting up with new guy questions. I am sure I will have tons of them :slight_smile:

@Jake We were all there once. I am still there…

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thanks Steve. Have a look at my other question and see if you can answer that one please…

@Jake Sorry, what’s the other question?

when I hit z+ my machine goes down. When I hit z- it goes up is that correct?

@Jake - Seems a few others are having the same issues. In gSender select the firmware button in the upper right corner and look at entry $3. You can reverse each axis individually. Try just Z.

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As stated above you have one or more of the backlash adjustment nuts/ blocks over tightened (torqued). Also have you lubed all points, bearings, bushings including the lead screws themselves for all axis x,y,z?

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@Jwar they still need a bit of adjustment but are much better. I am away for a couple of days. Will use dry lube on it when I get back to it. I greatly appreciate your help!

I have the exact same issue. Loosing the anti backlash bolts didn’t help. I slowed the rapid model speed from 196mm/min to 146mm/min. This is the only thing that can take away the grind.

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