Issue after an E-Stop

While running some jobs tonight, my X-axis would intermittently stall (detailed in my other thread), forcing me to hit the E-Stop and clear the error. Then when I hit the Home button, the UI grayed out, the SLB LED changed, and Homing showed in the display (all normal) but none of the motors were running. I waited a minute for something to happen, so I hit the E-Stop again. The LED on the E-Stop turned off but the SLB LED stayed Blue. I had to power cycle the SLB and reconnect in order to continue.

I’ve been able to replicate fairly consistently by just running a job in air and hitting the E-Stop. After clearing the alarm, I tried just jogging and while the SLB LED turned Green, there was no movement. I was able to access the menus though, so I downloaded a diagnostics file before having to power cycle again:

diagnostics_4-18-2024_23-21-22.pdf (66.4 KB)

I’ve also had the job just stop in the first 10 seconds or so - motors stop and the UI looks like I never pressed Start but the router is still spinning (it’s on an IOT Relay). It has only happened twice so I don’t have any other helpful information. I’ve been doing a lot of testing so it could just be one of those software things, luckily it isn’t destructive. I have been power cycling everything and restarting gSender just to be sure I’m starting fresh after it happens.

If I can run anything else to help, please let me know.

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I reset my gSender and firmware settings to get rid of any stray tweaks, then set up things like limits and homing, and reseated both ends of the E-Stop.

After running some more tests:

  • An E-Stop is recoverable if the motors are still or are in the Homing process
  • An E-stop during jobs, g0 commands, jogging, Endstops, etc. all cause the behavior stated above.

It’s probably something specific to my setup, hopefully that info helps.

Thanks for the report and details, we’re looking at this as a fixable firmware issue.


Good news @JdotPo, we might’ve cracked a solution for this tonight. We’ll do some testing on our end first but if you’d like I can walk you through updating your Firmware in DM if you’re interested to help us test the fix. If you’re interested just message me :slight_smile:


I also have this problem but it most persistent on cut out profiles, I also have an non functional auto touch plate, responds and works as its supposed to but doesn’t save or set the settings it receives, also when you try to enter the start at line command it freezes as described above. I seem to have this problem on every cutout profile between code lines 500-800 and then it treats the file as a broken file and won’t cut it again afterwards.

As a quick update, testing has moved things in a positive direction. I don’t have any idea what the timeline is but the Team is hard at work.

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I’m having the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Dugsin if you’re interested in testing the new firmware then feel free to DM me and I can give you the instructions, otherwise once we’re confident that we’ve fixed the issue then we’ll distribute a firmware update to everyone

@DFCAlaska I’d recommend you either send us in a ticket or start a new thread outlining all the issues you’re having so that people can help you without crowing up this current thread. Any pictures, videos, etc. you can provide will ensure you can get sorted out