Issue putting MK2 Magnetic Dust Shoe on MK2 48x30

Anyone else having issues putting the MK2 Magnetic Dust Shoe plate on the MK2 48x30. Seems like the X anti-backlash block is told to be placed on the wrong side. Had to look at the 30x30 and extra 48x30 PDF instructions twice and it seems like I installed it right.

@chrismakesstuff I ended up switching the anti-backlash to the other side of the XZ-gantry assembly. Took some time but all good now. Definitely think someone at Sienci should check the 48x30 LongMill Assembly Manual. I think it’s shown placed on the wrong side. You’ll see that in the images in the above post. I turned the 48x30 instructions upside down to see how it compares to the 30x30 instructions. Hope this make since and I’m looking at this right. Could save others a lot of time in the long run. Loving this CNC!

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@macNmurz Excellent solution, Mike.

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.

Great eye Mike! Something always tends to slip through eh :disguised_face:

Our guy Daniel who took the lead on the Extension kit and 48x30 noticed your thread as well and should now have the instructions updated accordingly. He and I ran through it earlier this week. Thanks for the feedback :+1: