Issue with 48x30 and the laser


I understand the process is new, so I am not sure where a step go missed.

I purchased the 48x30 and a month later the laser.

The laser shipped in June and the 48x30 in July.

I am currently assembling the 48x30, but I quickly noticed I dont have the extension cord for the laser.

its not obvious to me, where or when I should have mentioned I needed the extension cables,

When I bought the laser?
When I bought the 48x30

I will be calling the mothership tomorrow, however I just wanted to mention this should be fixed in the order/purchase process.

I got the extension for the induction sensors because I bought it at he same time as the 48x30.

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That’s odd Stephen, Andy and I decided that we’d be including laser extension wires by default with any 48x30 order for the time being since we didn’t have a spot to select that option. If you didn’t get them then that’s on us

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I have just received the 48 x 30 extension kit and don’t have the extra cables for my laser. How do I order?


Another one

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Fyi. Either call or email

They sent the proper cable

I ordered in July. It says " This updated wire set is now covered with a nylon braided cable sleeve for added protection and is now shipped stock with all new LaserBeam orders"
Mine are braided but only measure around 100 inches.

FYI to anybody reading. I bought my laser on July 29th and they didn’t come with the 118 inch cables but only the 100 inch. When ordering I didn’t see any place to say I had a 30 x 48. Per my email from Sienci I have to spend another $31+ to get the ones I need.

My MK2 30 x 48 CNC is still sitting in the 2 boxes it was packaged and shipped to me unopened. I also purchased the laser and it too is in the unopened box it shipped in.
Should I open the boxes up and check contents?

I am finishing up the drafting design of my CNC work bench and will be starting the build within the next two weeks. As a disabled veteran it takes me time to do physical work.
I sent out to a Professional Cnc Shop my spoil board pre-purchased plans from someone else along with CAD drawings from Sienci of the MK2 30 x 48 and tracks to make and adjust the plans to perfectly fit the MK2 30 x 48 I will share that spoil board with Sienci tracks file/ design once I have it back and successfully cut and installed onto my work bench along with my work bench design. Hopefully the correct cabling came in my packed boxes.

@chrismakesstuff based on your comment, you mentioned the extension should be included.

I just looked at the Extension unboxing, and I noticed the longer laser cable is not included.

I am just curious to be noose, just wondering where did it get included?

@Menglor thanks for the poke. I spoke with Andy and it looks like the approach wasn’t very clear but was as follows:

  • Some initial orders were shipped with extensions since we didn’t add clarification for them
  • After that, we had in writing and a store listing for extension cables that people could get ( so were not being shipped by default
  • Now the most recent batch of lasers should be shipping with lengthened cables by default so no extension wires should be needed

I agree this was handled non-ideally and let Andy and the fulfillment team know about it but hopefully the longer cables should remove all this confusion moving forward.

@HITES it seems that what happened for you was was you got the 2nd batch with the braided cables but not the 3rd batch where they were subsequently lengthened, hope that adds some clarification. And @Jwar I’d probably recommend you check you cable length and also check for extensions in the extension box, if you’re not seeing anything send us through a call or email

Yeah so I’m wrong again but I’ll still leave my previous comment up. Speaking more with Ikenna it looks like:

  • still anyone who ordered the laser and 48x30 together they swapped over the wiring in the LaserBeam packaging itself to the longer wires
  • the store listing is only there for rare applications
  • the braided cable was only made at the longer length and so if you have a shorter length that’s a defect
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Yes open the boxes. I was missing the larger gantry plates and I had to ask for them.

I just took the hit and ordered the cables. Both sets where braided. The new set seems longer by a little but not by much. The laser control board has to set about 5" from my Y rail to be able to plug up. The purple wire was long enough to reach the pwn plug and the power supply was long enough as well. I am ok with it.

One other theory I have is because I ordered the 4830 and then 2 months later ordered the laser

So I never actually ordered both of them on the same day so even if your rules were in place it wouldn’t have been packaged that way

Anyway, I strive for clear communication so it doesn’t affect me I’m but I’m sure others will find this thread

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Thank you to those that replied. I will unbox and check all content I hope that I can repack as neatly as the crew at Sienci packed the boxes. I have had a delay on my table build as I picked up a bug for the pc and it deleted my drawing in Sketchup before I caught onto what was happening so I am redrawing my table build plans and then will be getting to my assembly asap.

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Quick question and an update. I opened my boxes today and check all the contents. My 3 cables for the laser were all 113 inches long and braided.

My question is this does the CNC ship with the USB cable or do I need to go buy a USB Cable?

No usb cable for laser
It receives instructions from the longmill controller

Sorry I was not clear in my question could have been the excitement of opening the boxes and see that beautiful machine begging to be put together or the brain drain of fixing my CNC Bench Drawings and making the cutlist for all the cabinet component cuts.
So here it goes once again and hopefully I have cleared up or clarified what it is I am asking. Does the CNC ship with a USB Cable for connecting the Longmill MK2 control unit to a PC or Laptop For communications with Gsender or Lightburn to exchange data with the controller? Does the CNC require a special shielded USB Cable? I did not see one in any one the boxes within the boxes and I opened every thing up and took stock of what was there. I had 3 boxes in total one contained the Laser and its cables and mounting brackets. one box had only the gantry and a few metal brackets in it. Then the other had the router, rails dust covers , sensors, power supply controller etc. etc. as I did not see a USB cable I just want to know if I need to buy one ? thanks for reading my novella.

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So yes in the Mark 2 box there should be a USB cable

I believe it to be in a bag by itself but I can’t tell you which box it in

If you look on YouTube and I’ll post a link in a second. There is a unboxing video that covers the Mark. 2

I’m going to assume from there you should be able to figure out which box it was in and what it looks like. But yes, it should be included

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