Issues with Aspire ramp feature I think

anyone know how to fix or prevent this? i think its caused by the ramp movement in aspire. i added the ramp as well as a separate last pass 0.03mm get rid of the divot that was being created as the bit started the profile pass. i now have a long angled line that has to be sanded out,

@Fancu12 Unless you are using a very long ramp, I don’t believe that is the problem. What is your depth of cut on each pass. That looks like hard maple, yes? What mill are you using and what are your feeds and speeds?

i was using the spetool database settings. they might be a little too aggressive. 1/4 endmill in hardwood is set for 100" per minute at a plunge of 33" per minute. i think it was doing just under 3mil per pass. i have since switched to 40" per minute and 10" per minute for plunge. .03mm separate last pass still not enough to get rid of the divot created when the bit is leaving. I’m out of wood so i haven’t had time to really try out the new settings.

@Fancu12 How long of a ramp did you set in Aspire? I usually only use 0.5" Separate last pass only works if your bit has a cutting edge taller than the material so I rarely use it. Can you post your Aspire file so we can take it apart and diagnose? 100" / min is right in the ballpark. 40 is way too slow. Makita router on #4 or equal to 22,000 ish? 3mm is a little deep for hard wood at those speeds and feeds, try 0.0625 maybe. Amana and Whiteside also have tool databases for Vectric software. I also get the spetool 5 pack (break one, grab a new one) but use Whiteside bits for the finished part. Very close diameter tolerance, spetool not so much.

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