It's alive! Time to make stuff

All systems are a go, add-ons done. We’re in business.

Any tips for getting smoother cuts? This was a pretty good (I think), new Whiteside v bit…

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What is the material?
Is the bit a 60° or 90°?
Feeds and speeds?
Did you import the text as graphic or did you use your CAD program to “write” it?

I’m a newbie to this, but I think that these are the questions the more experienced guys will ask./

The router was probably closer to 20000rpm, and I was cutting red oak finished with stain and poly. I don’t feel so bad screwing around with expensive wood when its scrap from old projects.

Posting the Screen Shot is brilliant for us new users. While I find the CAD pretty intuitive, the CAM is more of a hit and miss experiment. Other users experience with settings is most helpful. How did you like V-Carve? I noticed that your import was a PNG file. Would a SVG not be cleaner? Does V-Carve accept SVG imports?

A total newbie with this, so don’t take my settings as worth anything. :yum: I do think it would be pretty awesome if people posted screenshots of their settings in whatever programs they use. Especially for successful projects. It would help me a lot.

I’m really enjoying vcarve pro. It seems to be head and shoulders above the free competition for being intuitive and user friendly. However, it is cost prohibitive and I don’t own it yet… I lucked into being able to try it out for a while. I haven’t decided what I’ll do long term.

It can import a lot of formats. I used a png here because it’s a random funny picture I found online. Vectric converted it to a vector very easily.

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I too am very new to CNC woodworking. I’ve been woodworking, including some lathe work, for decades, but CNC is completely new to me. I’m not sure how much time I will be committing to CNC as my other woodworking commissions take much of my time. But I sure am looking forward to playing with a new toy.