June 2022 Production Updates Pt2

Last week’s production update was a lot of doom and gloom but in this week’s production update, we are getting out of the hole! For the full production update, please visit our blog: June 2022 Production Updates Pt.2 | Sienci Labs


  • A video of me sitting on the LongMill while its running is attached in the blog. Apparently this proves how strong the LongMill is. Instructions on making your own included in the post.

  • LongMill 12x30 and 30x30s have short lead times of 1-3 business days.

  • LaserBeam queue (180 units) is almost done shipping. Customers are advised that new orders may still take up to 6 weeks but more updates will come as we work with our manufacturers to produce more drivers

  • We are wrapping up production for the MK2 48x30s and Extension Kits. We are expecting to have all of the parts within the next two weeks.