June 9 - June 16, 2023 "Your First Project" Contest

It’s weekly contest time! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest for this week, where we asked you all to share your best accessory projects.

We are happy to announce that Kris Augustine, Brendon Simmons, Mitchell Lockwood, @RANDY.WORLEY, Drew Miller, and Geert Vaelen are the winners of the "A Project That is an Accessory” contest! A prize is on its way!

For this week’s contest, we want you to post your first project on your LongMill. You will be amazed by how far you have come. Share them with us for a chance to be one of the winners of this week’s contest and win free prizes!

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Happy creating!

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My wife likes growing plants as much as I like making things so it’s not surprising that my hobby supports hers.

The first multi-piece three dimensional project on my LongMill MK2 was a plant propagation tray that’s designed to hold up to 6 glass test-tubes of plant cuttings so that they can grow roots.

The LongMill is great for this kind of project because it will precisely rout out the three pieces such that all the holes are in perfect alignment.


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