June Bug (Vectric laser - quick engrave)

Can anyone reproduce this to validate it is a ‘Vectric’ issue and not user error ?

Create a Laser quick engrave toolpath for the word “June” (note the capitalized J) and then generate a quick engrave toolpath.

For me, it ignores the letter ‘u’.

To actually create the toolpath, I have to do tow words, ‘J’ and ‘une’ and group them before creating the toolpath.

@GregM I don’t know if it is a true “vectric” issue or just an issue with that font - which is very strange to me. At any rate, you can see that the U is a separate item for some reason. I got it to work, first, by setting the text size to 1". Then converting the text to curves. You can see, then the U is a vector all by itself. I joined it to the text on either side - the J and the n, then grouped everything. Finally, I resized it to the .4" size you set. I don’t have the Sienci laser, but I used the settings that you posted and got to full toolpath.

I’m sure that there are other ways to skin this cat, but this is the one that came to me.

Thanks Grant…I went through a similar process to make it work. A bit bizarre !

Another issue, on similar lines that I ran into this morning, was that I decided to engrave a bunch of words ( I was making a color swatch) with the single line option, rather than true type with just a simple font (I think I used arial)… It through up so many unjoined vectors that I had to revert to TrueType.

@GregM Yeah, I find single line fonts strange. The way that I’ver gotten them to work is to use a profile tool path on the line. That tool path will work on open vectors, unlike some of the other choices.