Just finished an end grain cutting board

Just finished my first cutting board. I used hard maple and black walnut. The board is in an end grain configuration. Not a complete Longmill project, but I did use it to surface one side of the cutting board after it was all glued up to get a flat surface so I could run it through my thickness planer. I also used it to laser engrave the side of the cutting board. By the way, nothing famous about my BBQ, except in my own mind and family. I did have to modify my Longmill table to do the engraving and that will also give the the ability to do some fancy joinery if I ever have a mind to.
It is finished with Boos Mystery Oil and Board Cream. I chose these products for two reason: 1) They make mighty nice cutting boards so they should know how to finish them and 2) I read about making my own mineral oil/bees wax mixes but I could by the Boos products cheaper than I could make my own.


@paullarson I like the pass through on your table, Paul. What laser is that? It looks like something out of Star Trek.

It’s an Endurance 10W+ laser from Endurance Lasers. It has TEC (thermoelectric cooling) on it to keep the diode temperature down. I broke the original fan and replaced it with the fancy one with the blue LED light. The pass through was the only way I could etch the edge of the cutting board and gives me more options for future projects!