Just finished building, now trying to use UGS

Just finished building, now trying to use UGS
We are unable to stop the Z while trying to home the machine in UGS.
We have tried to do set up wizard and hub does not want to burn the motors out.
Any suggestions?

We are brand new to all of this.

Not sure what you are describing. The Longmill doesn’t support homing because it has no homing switches. Are you trying to use the probe block?

@darcie.lynn.henders1 Welcome to the group, Darcie Lynn.

When you say that hub does not want to burn the motors out, I’m guessing that “hub” is your husband, yes?

As Paul has said, the Mill does not have homing switches, so we can only assume that you are trying to zero your Z axis using the probe block. Is this right?

If so, take screen caps of the settings that UGS shows in the probe module. I’m sure that we can fix you up in no time.

Okay great and thank you. I will get all those screen caps to you this afternoon.
We were running the Setup wizard and following those directions.

Followed directions on

Touch Plate

[Error] An error was detected while sending ‘G38.2 X25 F250’: (ALARM:5) Probe fail. Probe did not contact the workpiece within the programmed travel for G38.2 and G38.4. Streaming has been paused.

[Error] Error while processing response <An error was detected while sending ‘G38.2 X25 F250’: (ALARM:5) Probe fail. Probe did not contact the workpiece within the programmed travel for G38.2 and G38.4. Streaming has been paused.>







Step pulse time [microseconds]


Step idle delay [milliseconds]


Step pulse invert [mask]


Step direction invert [mask]


Invert step enable pin [boolean]


Invert limit pins [boolean]


Invert probe pin [boolean]


Status report options [mask]


Junction deviation [millimeters]


Arc tolerance [millimeters]


Report in inches [boolean]


Soft limits enable [boolean]


Hard limits enable [boolean]


Homing cycle enable [boolean]


Homing direction invert [mask]


Homing locate feed rate [mm/min]

$25 = 500.000

Homing search seek rate [mm/min]

$26 = 250

Homing switch debounce delay [milliseconds]

$27 = 1.000

Homing switch pull-off distance [millimeters]

$30 = 30000

Maximum spindle speed [RPM]

$31 = 0

Minimum spindle speed [RPM]

$32 = 0

Laser-mode enable [boolean]

$100 = 200.000

X-axis travel resolution [step/mm]

$101 = 200.000

Y-axis travel resolution [step/mm]

$102 = 200.000

Z-axis travel resolution [step/mm]

$110 = 4000.000

X-axis maximum rate [mm/min]

$111 = 4000.000

Y-axis maximum rate [mm/min]

$112 = 3000.000

Z-axis maximum rate [mm/min]

$120 = 750.000

X-axis acceleration [mm/sec^2]

$121 = 750.000

Y-axis acceleration [mm/sec^2]

$122 = 500.000

Z-axis acceleration [mm/sec^2]

$130 = 812.000

X-axis maximum travel [millimeters]

$131 = 812.000

Y-axis maximum travel [millimeters]

$132 = 105.000

Z-axis maximum travel [millimeters]

@darcie.lynn.henders1 It looks like you are positioning the bit too far away from the plate, so UGS is failing to see the plate in the programmed distance.

What I need to see are screen caps of your probe module settings. You have sent your grbl settings.

We tried in inches, we now switched it to mm and it ends where I think it should be.
Then the instructions say to Return to Zero button and it moved the router to back left off of the wood.

I will send screens of the probe module in a minute.

Sorry it will only allow me one upload.

@darcie.lynn.henders1 OK. I see your problems.

You are good in your XYZ window. But, the numbers must be the same in the XY window. So, in your XY window, change your x and y distances to 25. Change your X and Y offsets to 10. (These are the same as you now have in your XYZ window.Your Z dimensions are correct. Thickness = 15 and direction = -15.

The rest looks good.

Okay thank you. Upddated.
What is the Reset to Zero button for?
We clicked it and the router went straight down.
Or do we not need to do that?

Thank you in advance.

@darcie.lynn.henders1 Do you mean “return to zero” or “reset zero”?

Let’s take “reset zero” first. When you jog your router to a spot on the table and click “reset zero”, UGS will set XYZ0 to that spot. Using the touch plate and the probe module does essentially the same thing.

If you use the probe module, after the machine finishes setting XYZ0, the router will raise up a bit. If you remove the touch plate, then click on “return to zero”, the bit will drop until it touches the material. You will see in the UGS readout that X, Y and Z show as 0.

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@darcie.lynn.henders1 Here is the recommended approach to using the touch plate to find zero.

If you are putting the plate on the corner of your material and using it to set XYZ0, set the plate in place, jog the mill so that the bit is over the logo on the plate and about 1/4" above it and click “reset zero” button. (Not the return to zero button.)

Then run the probe module. This will reset all your zeroes from the ones that you just set manually, but it seems to make the probe module run more consistently if you set the zeroes manually before you run it.

Then, remove the plate and click on “return to zero”. Make sure the bit is now centered over the corner of your material and just touching it. If is not, repeat the process.

Your setting should be $6=0 not $6=1.

Invert probe pin means that it is looking for the circuit to be normally closed then open if you have $6=1, whereas the touchplate is normally open, and it should be closed.

You can double check all of your settings here: https://sienci.com/dmx-longmill/changing-eeprom-settings/

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@andy Tks, Andy. I missed that one. That is undoubtedly why they pay you the big bucks. :grinning:

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