Just finished my 30x30 MK2


Welcome to the forum Mike! I really like your setup and I noticed you swapped the X motor to the right side and put you controls on the right. I did that too with my original 30x30 LongMill. It’s nice to see that you can still do it with the MK2. When I did mine I had to fabricate a mount for the Y cable chain and drill a hole to mount the X cable chain. Did you have to make any modification to the MK2 or is everything symmetrical now?

No modifications required, just in the software.

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@alaska42 welcome from the cornfields of Iowa! Nice set up! I like the right side set up. Would have be nice for me being right handed, but I get along well with it on the left. I have the same casters on my table. They do work well! So what are you planning on creating with your MK2?

Again, welcome!

Very nice setup. I haven’t gotten my LongMill yet waiting for my garage to be finished. Quick question, was size is the top and where did you get the retractable rollers?

Thanks Jake, I just used the CNC to flatten 2 chessboards that were too big for my planer. I will be using it to personalize cutting boards and chessboards. I am also designing some tool holders for my french cleat system.

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@alaska42 Outstanding! I have been messing with French cleats to hang cabinets and display boxes on my walls. Good system that works well. I have some pieces to flatten that are too large for my surface planer as well. Haven’t ventured into that yet, but definitely need to. Happy Thanksgiving!


My table is 70 inches by 49 inches. I got the casters from Amazon. https://amzn.to/3gsxqsz