Kobalt Router Question

Someone mentioned a Kobalt brand router that uses er11 collets but has a diameter larger than the makita. Does anyone know if it fits in the 65mm mount? Really disgusted with Makita and their their covid production failure.

@Chaosweaver The specs on the Kobalt seem to say that the barrel is 67mm, so the Makita 65mm would not work, it seems to me. You could go to the 71mm mount and make a sleeve. Keep in mind, though, that the 71mm mount will not work with the Mk2 dust shoe mount.

Thanks, thats too bad.

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@Chaosweaver The router/spindle that Sienci is working on looks promising.

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Picked up one last night from local Lowes store.

Couple of observations that may answer questions from others in this thread.
(There were quite a few questions on this FB thread about dimensions, quality, fitment, etc…)

8’-4" cable. Fits the whole length of both drag chains for a LM 30x30, with gentle curves in between, and about 5" left to plug it into an 120V eStop or other switched outlet.

Couple of LED lights at the bottom, not the brightest, but they work well enough.

Works well with the ER11a nut I had from a 3018. Between that and the collection of bits and full set of ER11 collets I had from that, I’m good to go on doing detail-work, and THAT’s why I bought the unit. The ER11 compatibility.

Here’s the obvious downside. It’s too big to fit into the standard/stock 65mm mount (mine is from a LM Mk.1 v4) and I had to mod mine. I used a drum-sander, like someone else in this group did for a HF Hercules model, which has the same 65.7mm dia. I used 120 grit, took slow & methodical steps, checking the fit every few passes… basically taking my time, and sneaking up on the final dimensions. Takes longer but it fits smoothly (and looks better than a 2 min. dremel hack-job… but you do you ! :wink:

(annoyances): On my unit, before I committed to the mount-mod and replacement of the existing Bauer that I had been (ab)using while I learn CNC feeds/speeds (I also have the Makita BTW), I tested the speeds and worked through the dial settings. (BTW it has soft-start!) The speed control has detentes for each printed number, and one step in between, so from 1 to 6 you have basically 11 discrete set speeds. I found the speed “dial” was having poor/glitchy electrical connections. Shot a bit of electrical contact cleaner into the gaps for the dial, worked the dial around a bit, and problem solved. Also pulled the brushes to examine before running (someone else on this thread had mentioned issues with them). They looked fine, but also got a shot of contact-cleaner as well. After all that, speed control is solid, and positive for each detente.

I shouldn’t have to do that kind of “maintenance” on a brand new unit… but if that’s all it took to get it running smooth (electrically), I can live with it.

I haven’t (yet) measured consistency of the speed-controlled RPM when under load. I have a tach, and will eventually get to that to get a more solid feel for speeds.

a 1/4" collet, as well as a 1/8" one come with the unit. Both seemed to spec on my unit (no slop). My unit also had no discernible play in bearings, but I also haven’t run it much. If that changes, I’ll post again.

(2nd Annoyance) It comes with just one wrench, for the collet nut. No second wrench to hold the shaft. The shaft-button feels beefier than what I see on the Bauer/Makita, but I’m a two-wrench kinda guy. Shaft wrench size is 12mm in case you’re curious.

Overall, for the money (~$65 US after taxes), it’s a nice unit. The ER11 compatibility (you supply the ER11a nut… M14 threads, and collets) was enough to convince me to keep it and do the mod on the Longmill mount. I did test how the Bauer & Makita would fit in the modded mount, and with a bit of 0.5mm shim-stock they lock in just fine, no discernible play. I may still purchase another stock 65mm mount if it comes to it, but so far I feel comfortable with fitment solutions either way.

Lastly, there’s an interesting story behind this model over on the v1e blog/website. https://www.v1e.com/blogs/news/kobalt-router-featuring-the-lr3 (hopefully the link works. EDIT: fixed link. Thnx @gwilki !)

I see no reason to doubt what’s claimed there, and how the evolution of this product came to be. Kind of a cool story of asking the folks who would know best, what they want…

The one takeaway for the Longmiller’s outside the US, they don’t seem to have an international model/solution, so unless someone posts otherwise, this particular model is US only (for now).

Canada, plz chime in here. The whole Lowes/RONA thing is a bit mysterious to me, so I’m not even sure if the Kobalt line (branded differently) even maps over, but I gotta think that the 120V version of this thing has got to show up for you guys at some point…

Meanwhile, someone can probably do a sweet side-gig vending 65.7mm anodized brackets, drilled and tapped for LM Mk1/Mk2 use, to sell to us yankees (who don’t immediately void warranties and mod their kit).

hope that helps. sry for the long post, but when I do post, I do it with details… Cheers!

@luckyjunknowitz Welcome to the group, Frank. Thank you for posting this here. The link that you posted throws a 404 error, but I found what I think you were pointing to here

It looks like quite the tool.

if it manages to keep consistent speeds (especially on the lower end!) under load then I’ll be quite happy with it. I also need to pick up a new dial indicator to test runout for the various collets/bits.

It’s no spindle, to be sure, and I look forwards to seeing what Sienci comes up with there, but if quality holds up across their units here in the US, it could be a great entry router for those just testing the waters in the craft.

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