Laptop stand / control station

One of my very first projects on the longmill. Its made from 1/2" plywood for the bottom portion of the box and a piece of a reclaimed shelf for the engraved part for the laptop to set on. Made the corner mounted pivots on the corner of the table (3/4" plywood) to be able to swing the laptop/control box around to the side when not in use. The aluminum panel in the front houses the E-stop (which will kill power to the controller and the router) along with individual switches for the controller, router, shopvac, & future lights when I build an enclosure. Definitely function over form at this point but I just need more practice/experience.


Nice work fella, love the hinge. What mill did you use for the hawk head and text and what application are you using?

@Teeman Thank you, I wanted something unique for the corner of the table. I used a 1-1/4" - 60 degree Vbit for both the hawk head and the lettering. Also, I am using Vcarve Pro.

What make is the bit as I’ve not found anything larger than an inch?

Its an Amana tools bit (Amana Tool RC-1148) and my apologies it is 1¹/¹⁶" diameter. Its a little pricey but I like having the replaceable knife option.