Laser beam shines in rectangle

Hi. I assembled the laser and checked and rechecked that the lens is placed in correctly, but the beam comes out in the shape of a small rectangle. I can’t focus it. It will get a bit smaller, but looks nothing like the youtube video Sienci Labs put out where it’s a larger circle until you focus it smaller. I’m using the G2 lens with 7mm spring. Help? Thanks.

Two things to adjust…the height of the laser off your work surface and the amount the lens is screwed in/out.

Play with both until you get a more or less focus. I use a black piece of anodized metal that I got as part of a car phone magnet to focus onto.

My focus is not as good as I have seen on videos but it is passable.

The other tip I have is that my lens screws in very loosely. I have run a few strands of plumbers tape around the thread to tighten it up.

Thanks. my distance to surface is what they recommend. I’ll play with how far the lens is screwed into it.