Laser Bracket Attachment for 80mm Chinese Spindle

I recently decided to add a laser engraver to my Longmill 30. I wanted it to be simple and easily removable. I got this 5.5w 12v 3a laser module from Amazon and needed to make a bracket for it. I haven’t had much luck cutting it out with the Longmill itself because 1/8" endmills making contours aren’t doing me much good, so I am having it 3D printed. By routing the power and PWM cable through the drag chain this will allow me to easily disconnect the laser and remove it whenever I don’t want it on. It uses a simple threading on one side of a split frame to clamp down on the laser module and spindle via M4 socket cap screws.

It comes in 2 parts so that it is easily printed or cut on a router. The laser module will sit on the second part mounted vertically and then the laser will slide in to its slot.

The wooden one is the prototype I tried to do with the Longmill. It turned out undersized, and I had to do a lot of filing to get it to fit the laser. The finish from the routing was not good.

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