Laser-burned butterfly on ceramic tile

Following up on Heyward’s excellent tiger, I took a white tile and painted it orange then black. I used LightBurn to etch the design. The laser burns off the black, leaving the orange underneath. Thanks for the idea, H.


@gwilki - Looks perfect to me. Look forward to seeing other designs. Thanks for the accolades. Mine was created after viewing a lot of youtube videos and it was relatively easy. I have a few other ideas I want to try but have to wait on a little warmer weather. Unfinished garage/shop is unheated plus it’s too cold to do any painting or finishing. May have to wait until spring rolls back around. Ugh!

Why does it only burn the black off…but not the orange?

@justinbouchardw That’s a great question, Justin. I have no idea. :grinning:

Seriously, for me, it’s a luck thing. You want just enough power to etch the black and not the orange. I guessed right this time. It was just luck. I keep a journal of my successes so that I can duplicate them because I do not have the experience to do these off the top of my head. Maybe, Heyward can offer some insights.

haha. thats what I I would have figured. Love the idea!

@justinbouchardw @gwilki - Here is how I determined my run. This is a test piece I copied off of youtube and ran. The numbers below each block represent the laser power percentage. The bottom number is the feed rate. I then picked the one I wanted to try. My tiger was burned using the 20% setting. I’ll see if I can find the LightBurn video as he posted the location of the sample tile attached -


@justinbouchardw @gwilki - Here is the location of the saved LightBurn file for burning the sample =

@Heyward43 H: Did you paint a tile just as if you were doing the tiger, then use it for your test?

@gwilki - Yes I did. Cleaned tile and then 2 light coats of yellow followed by 2 light coats of black.

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