Laser Concern Question

This is probably a silly question, but I have never used a laser engraver.

When using the laser with the longmill do you burn directly over the wasteboard? In my mind laser = fire. Not sure how concerned I should be. Plan on adding the 5 watt version discussed on the forum.

@risenbar My laser is not strong enough to burn through very much, so I stick to engraving. If I were to try to burn through some material, I would be putting something non-flammable under the material.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. Thanks.

If I’m cutting through I made a temporary waste board that has a sheet metal surface. I also raise the piece I’m cutting through off of the metal surface so that there is about a 3/16" air gap. Makes sense to me.


Basic safety considerations should apply.

Never leave a laser operation unattended.

The laser has a focal point where its power is strongest. Before that and after that specific point it is weak.

Your biggest danger with a laser is eye damage and fire.

I just place my work piece directly onto my wasteboard.