Laser cut 3d tarantula puzzle

My sister loves halloween, decorates her whole house and yard, and throws a big party!
So this one is for her.

I found some pics of tarantula’s that have orange and black, how perfect for halloween.

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@_Michael Brilliant … again. :grinning:

Would you mind posting how thick the wood is and what laser you are using to cut it?

The wood is 2mm bass wood, micrometer reads 1.9mm. The laser is a little SainSmart genmitsu, 3.5 watts optical. The laser beam is on my wish list.

What seems to work good for me as far as getting the pieces to fit snug is to mic the wood, in this case 1.9mm and then scale the model so that the notches are the wood thickness minus half the kerf. I’ve measured my kerf at 0.2-0.3mm, rectangular spot, so in this case I scaled the model so that the notches are 1.75-1.8mm. Then I laser on the line and the kerf gives the gap needed for pieces to fit. This seems to work and eliminates the need to do the profiles outside the line and any holes inside the line like I do with the router.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the method in the above paragraph is a good starting point IMHO, but cutting a piece with a notch and a hole and then checking the fit is also a good idea.