Laser cutting for layered art/signs - not happy with cut

is anyone using the MK2 and laser attachment to cut 3mm plywood or similar for layered art/signs? I was hoping to use this to make some logo signs and other similar items but so far, I’m not happy with the cuts. It could be that I just haven’t got the speed/passes/power settings dialed in or maybe it is not focused right. Engraving seems to be OK in the few tests I’ve done.

I can get a cut but it seems to be a very slow process with many passes and with so many passes, I get some burn marks on the surface. On most pieces, I could possibly sand it a bit but I can’t get paint to adhere very well to the sides of the pieces.

Anyone having success in doing something similar? I want to use the laser vs. a small CNC end mill to get sharper inside corners and using the “non project” pieces as templates to line up the project pieces (lettering for example).

Perhaps the laser just isn’t powerful enough for this. I’ve seen many XCarve and Glowforge videos with nice clean cuts in 1 or 2 passes. Those seem to be mostly 20w lasers

Agree, I am having slightly better sucess using 1.5 or 2.0 mm material , 3 mm just seems to be too much for diode lasers. I am leaning toward CO2 laser as well glowforge, omtech dont know yet.

@slovdahl I agree with @Andy1 . That said, I have cut 3mm material with a 10w diode laser. (I don’t have the Sienci laser.)

You can optimize your chances by using a G2 lens and ensuring that it is focused properly. If you go to the LAHobbyGuy’s forum, he has free focusing files.

@Andy1 , You have a source for the thinner material? you use basswood?

Yes here it is, sorry could not embed a good link but here is a product description

25 PCS 8x12 Inch Wood Sheets,2mm Unfinished Plywood Basswood Sheet,for Architectural Model mini House Building , Wood Burning Project and Other DIY Crafts

Brand: MYIU