Laser Diode Not Working

I’ve attached the Sienci Laser to my LongMill. I’m using gsender to test it out.

The cooling and fume fans are working. The laser driver board is apparently receiving PWM signal from the LongMill mainboard, because the emission led lights up when I click on the test (or just turn the laser on).

There is no laser emission, however, at any power level. The diode power cable (blue) seems to be well-seated.

Any suggestions to make the magic light come out of the box?

Just an additional note: I did not put a multimeter on the live diode, but I did turn all the power off and check the leads from the driver board poles to the diode poles - after the quick-connect. Sometimes a quick-connection can be flaky.

I didn’t try to power it up until all the connections were correctly in place. It wasn’t dropped or banged. I can’t see any reason for it not working. Even if the diode was broken, they usually make a little light. Mine is totally dark.

Update: totally my fault. I didn’t check the dip switches and so the power to the diode was limited to 0.

I know, I know. RTFM.

First burn successful!

I’m having the same problem even with any dip switch down. No firing.

I just got mine wired up. Tried to test - no laser. I checked to be sure all the wiring was good.

Controller wire in correct place. The fan on the laser starts as well as the air assist. No laser when I set $30 and $32 and send the test command in instructions.

The dip switches on mine came set all in up position. I do not find any reference to these in the instructions. What are these for (laser power??) and how should they be set?

What am I missing.

@risenbar The information on how to set the dip switches in is Ikenna’s pdf user manual, starting at page 38.

You can find it here

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Thank you, I missed that. The laser fires up now. Time to play.

I’ll close this thread as the issue seems to have been addressed.