Laser Dip Switch Setting

Making sure I understand, when turning on the laser controller you should always have all five dip switches in the off position every time. Is this correct?

Hi, The recommendation is that Switch 4 is in the β€œOn” position.

Instructions states when first starting up to ensure that all switches are in the off position before powering up. Is this just for the first time and you can then leave the switch on or do you need to close the switch every time before powering up again?

Hi, I do see the instructions , however they are ambiguous . I set dip switch 4 β€œON” and it remains there. I have not touched it since. I went by Ikennas video (i believe) where he set dip switch 4 on. I went looking for that video and could not find it.

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Thanks Andy. I was just making sure.