Laser Driver not powering up

Hi I have the laser engraver I had set it up used it once. I went to use it the other day and the laser driver has no led lights turning on. I tried the reset button and nothin the power cord has a green light but the driver shows nothing. Any ideas and were I should start to look?

Thank you: Andrew from Against the grain outdoors

@Atgo Welcome to the group, Andrew

I don’t have the Sienci laser unit, but I am sending you this link. You may have already followed all the steps on this page and the pages that follow it, but it is worth a shot to re-visit them, I think.

tried that still nothing I can here the driver turn on when power too but no led light’s come on

@Atgo Unfortunately, that’s as much help?? as I can offer.

I suggest that you call or open up a ticket with Sienci. I’m sure that they will fix you up.

Did you try hitting the reset button (hidden next to the PWM Signal input connector)? The picture is about 3/4 of the way down the page in this link:

I have to reset the laser driver power every-time i turn off the power strip it is plugged into. Guess how I learned that trick? And how much cussing i did until I figured it out?


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