Laser etching on white Canvas

Details that came out are amazing… White canvas with layers of 2 shades of gray and one layer of black. Done with Lightburn.


Frobasher, that is excellent. What lense dpi speeds etc? Must have taken a while to burn

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@Frobasher Beautiful, nice work. As a retired commercial Photographer I love it.

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Damn, bro. I think I’m getting a laser mod instead of a whiskey still for Father’s Day. That’s absolutely amazing! :100:

Jim @CncJim , when I first went to order my longmill I was on the fence about getting the laser, in the end I went ahead even though I did not think I would be using it much. I ran the cnc for 2 weeks then put the laser on, it has not come off since. I have found it opens up a world of possibilities and was well worth the investment.


Thanks, I’ll get the lens and let you know… Image was processed in and was burned 3000/75 and pass through in lighburn. Don’t remember the dpi I used however.

Thanks @frobasher, I am really impressed with the detail you managed to get. Happy burning.