Laser Goofing around

Hey I’m trying off because it can be done

I will add that doing the bread was a really annoying. The texture of the bread was such that day. Bubbles caused the laser to go in and out of focus

Going to try with pita bread next time bit more flat

I tried with the piece of ham and I figured out pretty quick that if you’re going to do it with anything it has to burn so you can’t just laser something that just melts

Tried pepperoni ham and a sausage to no avail but the baloney work really well


@Menglor I LOVE THIS :grinning: :grinning:

I am keeping my promise to Ikenna to do a burn on marshmallow. But, I love your bologna.

Someone should run a marshmallow contest

What did the bologna smell like in the shop? LOL Funny

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So originally I tried engraving on ham because I didn’t have bologna available

The ham smell smell like the worst fingernail burning hair melting skin. All it was disgusting

I actually sent my wife out looking for bologna to come back with because we discussed it in the streaming

I couldn’t get the song out of my head. My bologna has a first name. It’s oscar. My bologna has a second name. It’s meyer…

The smell on the bologna was bad but the smell from the ham was oh disgusting

What’s even funnier to me is I posted pictures just to show what I could do and I went in the contest

No idea what I want yet but it’s whatever

I love my new toys. I recommend it to everyone

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I just for posterity. I’m also going to mention that I tried laser burning on the bread

Like in the picture?

Unfortunately, because of all of the bubbles and air pockets in the bread, the laser could never really focus very well, which is why it looks like crap

I’m hoping to try it again with a naan bread or a pita and see if I can get something better

The new contest is about doing something that’s decorative so I’m trying to figure out what that might be

But I’d like to do it with food related something

Another FYI

It only seems apparent once you actually do it and figure it out, but the laser doesn’t mark anything the way you expect it might

It’s just basically cooking whatever you’re doing so if you want it to burn something and market you have to go super slow

But it’s only going to discolor as much as it would if you were frying it

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I have a 20 watt Ortur Laser Master 2, a 40 Watt CO2 laser, and a 60 watt CO2 laser. Never put food in there. LOL.

HEY!! I converted my Longmill to plasma. I bet that would cook faster. LOL

I’m hoping to get around to this week, but I want to try using my laser on a donut

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I hope you ain’t going to put a glazed doughnut on a rotatory? LOL Sounds sticky ether way. LOL post it. Put it on youtube if you have an account. I post videos. They are not any good But I still post

I am Jack In The Shop on youtube.

Are you using this setup with a longmill?